What are the characteristics of using a concrete slipform paver to pave cement concrete pavement?

The characteristic of using a concrete slipform paver to pave cement concrete pavement is that it does not install edge fixed templates, and can complete fabric paving, vibration compaction, extrusion forming in one go

Concrete pavement paving functions such as plastering and decoration.


Technical essentials for paving operation: 

(1) The operation of the sliding formwork paver should be slow, uniform, and continuous without interruption.

(2) The loose height plate should be adjusted at any time to control the feeding position, and it is advisable to set it slightly higher at the beginning to ensure feeding.

(3) During normal paving, concrete should be prevented from over vibration, under vibration, or missing vibration. The paving vibration frequency or speed should be adjusted at any time according to the consistency of the concrete.

(4) The maximum longitudinal slope of the road surface that can be paved by the sliding mode paver at full load is: 5% uphill; Downhill by 6%.

(5) The minimum bending radius of the slipform paver construction should not be less than 50m, and the maximum superelevation cross slope should not exceed 7%.

(6) When paving a single lane, mechanical devices for longitudinal joint pull rods on one or both sides should be equipped according to the road design requirements.

(7) The thickness of the surface mortar layer should be controlled at around 4mm for soft tensile and anti-skid structures, and the thickness of the surface mortar layer for hard grooved road surfaces should be controlled at 2-3mm.

(8) Adjacent lanes can only be paved after 5-7 days of maintenance.



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