NC600 Curb&Gutter Machine

NC600 S-shaped Multi-functional Slipform Paver

Technical Specifications 


I. Overview

The NC600 multi-functional slipform concrete paver is a multi-purpose cement concrete construction equipment independently developed by our company. It can realize the configuration mode of side mold and is widely used in the construction fields of small kerbs, small ditches, small road shoulders, etc. The replacement of traditional processes greatly improves the construction quality and speed of the above-mentioned cement concrete structures.

Its large power reserve, full electronic control, full hydraulic power drive, front track drive for traveling, and rear four rubber wheels for driving make it flexible and convenient. Equipped with automatic steering and leveling control system, it can complete the vibrating, paving, forming and other technological processes of cement concrete structures at one time.

II. Main Technical Parameters

I. General Parameters of Main Unit

1. Basic performance parameters:

Paving speed  0~15m/min

Running speed 0~30m/min

Maximum gradeability ≥20%

2. Engine:

Model Yuchai 30D2G0-1000000WA

Power 36.8kW/2400rpm

Type Naturally-aspirated

Capacity of diesel tank 90L

3. Hydraulic power system:

Hydraulic pump: DANFOSS imported brand

Hydraulic oil cooling: large-size radiator, forced air cooling

Hydraulic oil filter: brand filter with maximum filtering accuracy of 10μm

Capacity of hydraulic oil tank: 110L

4. Electronic control system:

Color graphic display on the console, including status display, alarm prompt and other functions, system voltage 12V.

The steering, longitudinal and cross slopes are controlled electronically and automatically, with two longitudinal slope sensors, one cross slope sensor and one steering sensor.

5. Vibratory compaction system:

Type: imported from U.S., square head housing, hydraulic drive

Frequency: 0~167Hz stepless adjustable

Quantity: 2 vibrating oil circuits and 2 hydraulic vibrators are standard.

6. Flushing system: 

type: high pressure flushing machine with flushing water gun, flushing pressure up to 5MPa water tank capacity: 158L

7. Traveling device:

It consists of variable pump, hydraulic valve, hydraulic motor, reducer, track and control system.

Type: single track drive, stepless adjustable track size: L134cm*W30cm*H51cm

II. Mode Parameters of Side Mold

1. Basic performance parameters:

Maximum paving width 60cm

Maximum paving height 60cm

 2. Overall dimensions and weight:

Total length 420cm    

Total width 240cm

Total height 310 cm (200 cm during transportation)

Mass of whole machine 4000kg

3. Feeding system:

Drive: direct drive with hydraulic motor to provide higher torque, speed and reliability

Specification of screw conveyor: L160cm, D30cm

Speed of driving wheel: 0~100rpm

4. Mold

Various molds can be customized to meet the needs of customer projects.

IV. Statement

The Company adheres to the principle of sustainable development, so we reserve the right to continuously improve the products without previous notice. The content is subject to continuous improvement without notice.

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