Construction of Canal Concrete Sliding Form Paver

A channel concrete sliding form paver produced by a Chinese XINLU manufacturer, involving the field of engineering machinery technology. It includes a power driven walking device, an automatic leveling monitoring system, and an automatic linear monitoring system. The power driven walking device includes two rectangular arranged track walking mechanisms and two driven wheel walking mechanisms. The two driven wheel walking mechanisms are arranged in a forward and backward manner. Each track walking mechanism and each driven wheel walking mechanism are equipped with a lifting column, and a main frame is installed between the lifting columns; The host frame is equipped with a control system, an automatic leveling monitoring system, and an automatic linear monitoring system, all of which are connected to the control system. A molding mold is installed at the bottom of the host frame;

concrete sliding form paver.jpgThe on-site construction of the concrete sliding form paver for ditches has a particularly significant impact on the mixing environment of the machine. For example, if the materials on site are mixed very dry, the surface of the ditch will be dry and produce a honeycomb like texture; If it is too wet and easy to stand up, the final result will not be formed. But in fact, most of the time on site, intelligent mixing can still be achieved, and all material measurement standards provide a relatively guaranteed construction effect. During the operation of the ditch concrete sliding form paver, the staff controls the operation platform to achieve functions such as self-propelled walking, automatic turning, automatic leveling adjustment, vibration, and shaping, without the need for manual intervention. Compared with existing manual construction techniques, the work efficiency is greatly improved



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